The Critical Studies in Equity and Solidarity Undergraduate Journal

The name ROVE was chosen by the inaugural team based on an idea in an article by Gurpreet Singh Johal (2005) about the possibilities for the emotional experience of rage. Rage is often misunderstood as a wholly negative, destructive emotion and experience, yet Johal argues that rage has a lot of transformative potential. This is because rage, at its root, is love: love for oneself, one's community, the world. Rage is the recognition of a wrong, of an injustice against someone or something, and the core of this recognition is loving that thing.

The word "rove" is a combination of the words "love" and "rage". We sought to evoke those experiences equally and simultaneously with the journal.

Further, "rove" is itself a word with its own meaning - that of not having one linear path, that of meandering, not knowing where one is going. We wanted to leave space for imagination, rebuilding and recreation that is divorced from capitalist notions of productivity and creation.

Rove strives to encapsulate all these ideas.

Issue 1: 2020-2021

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